Technology is everywhere nowadays.  It affects how we live, communicate, play, work, and learn new things.  It is getting more and more common to use technology in education.  There are pros and cons for using technology in the classrooms, just like everything else.  Some people are against the use of technology in early childhood education while others embrace all kinds of learning opportunities to support children’s learning.  I think it is important to find ways to use technology properly and efficiently in primary classrooms.

I attended some Google Summits workshops that were hosted by EdTechTeam Summits two years ago and was amazed by all the wonderful digital tools, ideas, and resources that could be used in the classrooms.  I was also overwhelmed by how much information I received all together during the two-day conferences; as a result, I have only been able to remember a few things from the workshops, such as how to use Google read & write on Google Chrome, how to use Google Earth and other Google products to teach different subjects and topics, etc.

I personally love using technology in the classroom. For example, I use FreshGrade to create the digital portfolios for my students so that parents are able to see what they have been learning in the classroom as well as their learning progress.  It is a great assessment tool.  I also have a set of five iPads in my classroom for literacy centres, such as reading on Tumble Books and Reading Eggs, etc.  I am still learning to find ways to integrate technology in my classroom so that my students can benefit from it.

This is my first time taking an online course.  I am excited to learn more about using multimedia in primary classrooms.  Here are my learning goals for this course:

  • Gain more knowledge and understanding about the current research in multimedia learning in primary classrooms
  • Learn how to use technology to teach literature and other subjects effectively
  • Expand my knowledge in creating a professional learning network (e.g., blog, website, twitter, etc.) to support my learning